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Tomahawk™ Teeth are the fastest cutting stump grinding teeth on the market. They have been proven effective on machines exceeding 180 HP. Tomahawk™ Teeth are recommended for customers who are looking for convenience and increased strength and speed. Also beneficial on smaller machines (25 HP) by increasing cutting efficiency.
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1. Compound Angle (LEFT TOOTH)
    Radical angle ensure faster cuts, maximum strength and longer lasting sharpness.

    2. Carbide Tip (RIGHT TOOTH)

      Thicker than industry standard, we utilize the highest quality American-Made Carbide available in the industry. Thanks to extensive testing, we have been able to extend to you a more efficient product without sacrificing strength or increasing cost. The new offset carbide also allows for easier sharpening and increased tooth life. With greater impact resistance, the Tomahawk™ Tooth is the best balanced stump grinding tooth on the market.
      Hard carbide tip available for sandy or clay ground conditions.

      3. Mounting Blocks

        Uniquely designed and styled, the mounting block decreases wear and tear on bolts and allows for easy installation on all machines. Heat treated for strength and durability.

        4. Bolts

          Leonardi Bolts are specially designed to limit thread, head, and wheel damage. Shorter, sunken bolts keep both bolt ends protected, while the longer, smooth shank (which provides more surface area) reduces wheel damage by preventing bolt and hole distortion.


          Tomahawk™ Teeth: Benefits


          Cutting Rate and Strength

          Tomahawk™ Teeth boast the highest performance both in cutting rate and strength.

          Why? The Tomahawk™ Teeth's uniquely designed double cutting angle provides strength and durability by slicing through stumps rather than pounding your equipment. 

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          Tomahawk'" Teeth install in
          under one minute.

          Why? The simple construction of Tomahawk'" Teeth and mounting block eliminate the need
          for gauging and teeth set-up, which saves
          time on the job.

          Tomahawk Stump Grinder Teeth Installation Image

          Cross-Over Configurations

          Tomahawk'" Teeth come in interchangeable Left, Straight and Right teeth, allowing for Cross-Over Configurations, which are recommended in all wheel set-ups. There are no special teeth or set-ups required with Leonardi teeth.

          Why? Cross-Over Configurations allow for
          plunge cutting, which is optimal for efficient
          stump removal in difficult or confined job environments (buildings, sidewalks, sheds, curbs, etc.).

          Tomahawk Stump Grinder Teeth Configuration Image

          The Mounting Block

          The Tomahawk'" Tooth has reversible mounting blocks which enables installation
          on either side of the wheel.

          Why? This allows for quick and easy interchangeability of hardware, enabling faster replacement of teeth in the field, and greater efficiency on the job - bolts can be installed from either side of the wheel, wherever there are minimal obstructions (drive unit, guards, pulleys, etc.).

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