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Rigging Devices

Leonardi Manufacturing is proud to offer our High-Quality, Performance Rigging products for lowering & pulling made in the USA in our Factory in Weedsport, NY. 

Our rigging devices are for tree care climbers, riggers, and tree surgeons and aid in the trimming and removal of trees where tree rigging may be required. If tree lowering or rigging devices are used in or would help improve your operations, please look at the complete Hitch-Wrap system as a cost-effective way to meet all your tree rigging needs.

Using a friction management device to lower limbs or trunk wood extends the life of your rigging ropes, protects the tree, and allows for safer, more efficient removal of wood.

The Leonardi Hitch-Wrap Rigging System is the ultimate lifting/lowering devices; versatile and reduces setup time for complex rigging situations.

tree rigging equipment

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Leonardi Hitch-Wrap Rigging System

  • Control the Loads – A single person controls heavy loads allowing the lowering of branches and logs at any height
  • Save your Ropes – Friction wrapped rope, no knots or loops required and no reduction of rope strength
  • Efficient setup – Use your trucks receiver or bucket truck hitch or tree to attach the Hitch-Wrap quickly and easily
  • Pintle Coupler – Enables Pintle hitch use with the Hitch-Wrap (sold separately and also in a cost saving bundle)
Tree Rigging Device Tree Rigging Device

rigging bucket truck

Leonardi Hitch-Wrap Tree Mount Kit

  • Utilize your Hitch-Wrap – Secure your Hitch-Wrap to a tree where a truck may not be located and control heavy loads and lower branches and logs at any height
  • Ratcheting Winch – Secure your Tree Mount with a standard 7/8 winch bar (can be purchased separately) for safe operation
  • Heavy-Duty Nylon Strap – A 15 foot heavy-duty nylon strap is included which can accommodate securing to trees up to 4 foot in diameter


Leonardi Friction Block

  • Removable Pin – Enables using endless loop slings easily and re-positioning in tree
  • Large Diameter Drum – Three inch diameter drum saves ropes and reduces rope wear
  • Heavy-Duty Construction – Able to handle the largest loads safely and securely
Friction Block Rope Rigging Device Friction Block Rope Rigging Device