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Bolt Torque Specifications

Correct bolt torque is critical to safety and performance with Leonardi Products. Please use the specified torque when installing a Leonardi product on your stump grinder.

Leonardi Product Torque (ft/lbs)
Regular teeth Pocket Bolts 120-150
Pinteeth Pocket Bolts 120-150
Tuff Teeth Pocket Bolts 150-180
Tomahawk Mounting Block Bolts 120-150
Levco Teeth 90
M1 Blueshark Teeth 60
M1 Teeth  100
M1 Rock Guard Side-by-side  55
M1 Rock Guards RG2 80
M1 Blueshark Rock Guards 100
M1 Wear Blocks 60

Leonardi Bolts require less torque to install and therefore less torque to remove, due to the precise manufacturing process we use. Better fitting parts means field changing faster and easier with Leonardi Bolts