stump grinder wheel teeth upgrade kit M1 blueshark
stump grinder wheel teeth upgrade kit regular teeth

Husqvarna SG13 Complete Sets

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Upgrade your Husqvarna SG13 Stump Grinder with a complete set of Leonardi Products. Choose between M1 Blueshark wheel with M1 Teeth or a set of Pinteeth and Pockets to bolt on your existing wheel, whichever set best fits your needs.

M1 Blueshark Wheel and Teeth Complete set

Includes entire bolt on replacement M1 Blueshark wheel including M1 Black teeth, and built-in Rock Guards and Wear Blocks.

Pinteeth with Regular Pockets and Bolts Complete set

Includes a complete set of Pinteeth with Regular pockets and bolts to replace all of the teeth, pockets and bolts that mount on your existing wheel.