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M1 Chipshoot Solutions

M1 Chipshoot Stump Grinder Wheel Upgrade Logo

The M1 Chipshoot is a patented system to direct and collect chips while grinding. Keep it clean from start to finish at the job site reducing labor and time for stump removal. The M1 Wheel and teeth were designed specifically to control the chips, working in conjunction with the Chipshoot system enabling chip direction and collection.

Call 1-800-537-2552 or email to with your machine’s make and model to discuss with our experts what configuration makes the most sense for you.

Use the new Leonardi Big Bucket attachment with the Power Loader configuration to transport chips and debris to your truck or trailer.

mini skid bucket

Use the new Leonardi Big Bucket attachment with the Essential configuration to throw chips and debris into the bucket and transport to your truck or trailer.

Mini Loader Bucket

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Leonardi Mfg. is proud to announce the availability of multiple configurations of the M1 Chipshoot enabling a wide range of uses with various existing equipment so that you can offer additional services to your customers.

M1 Chipshoot Power Loader

On-board chip collector with power dump and optional powered hauler.

M1 Chipshoot Power Loader Overview Hero Image

M1 Chipshoot Power Bins Logo

Rigid bins with powered bin transport system.

M1 Chipshoot Power Bins Overview Hero Image

M1 Chipshoot Bagger Logo

Portable bagging system to hold disposable or re-usable bags.

M1 Chipshoot Bagger Overview Hero Image

M1 Chipshoot Essential Logo

Forward throwing adjustable top shoot.

M1 Chipshoot Essential Overview Hero Image