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Tomahawk Stump Grinder Teeth 
1. Compound Angle (LEFT TOOTH)
    Radical angle ensure faster cuts, maximum strength and longer lasting sharpness.

    2. Carbide Tip (RIGHT TOOTH)

      Thicker than industry standard, we utilize the highest quality American-Made Carbide available in the industry. The new offset carbide also allows for easier sharpening and increased tooth life. With greater impact resistance, the Tomahawk™ Tooth is the best balanced stump grinding tooth on the market.
      Special carbide tip available for sandy or clay ground conditions.

      3. Mounting Blocks

        Uniquely designed and styled, the mounting block decreases wear and tear on bolts and allows for easy installation on all machines. Heat treated for strength and durability.

        4. Bolts

          Leonardi Bolts are specially designed to limit thread, head, and wheel damage. Shorter, sunken bolts keep both bolt ends protected, while the longer, smooth shank (which provides more surface area) reduces wheel damage by preventing bolt and hole distortion.

          Shop by Machine Make and Model for Complete Set of Teeth, Pockets and Bolts and Wheel Upgrades

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