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The Leonardi Speedwrench™ is a stump grinder accessory tool that enables rapid installation and/or removal of stump grinder teeth. Features 1/2" Hex bit, bolt head cleaner, bolt thread cleaner, and 11/16" socket.

The four pronged solution to easy tooth changes:

  • Cleaner Bit: The Cleaner Bit is used to clean debris from the bolt heads. Simple design easily removes all the crud that gets stuck in your bolt heads while grinding.
  • 1/2" Hex Bit: The 1/2" Hex Bit is used for bolt removal and installation. Convenient tire iron package gives you plenty of leverage to loosen those stuck bolts
  • Thread Cleaner: Thread Cleaner makes sure threads are clean for easy reinstallation of bolts.
  • 11/16" Socket: For any 11/16" or 17mm hex head bolts you happen to run into.

The Speedwrench™ makes it possible to install/remove a set of 1/2" Pin Teeth™ in under one minute, while Tomahawk™ Teeth can be installed or removed in under 45 seconds.

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