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LFM Tree Mount

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The Leonardi Friction Manager  (LFM) Tree Mount Kit enables the LFM Bollard Hitch-Wrap to be mounted on a tree or other secure mount point. Utilize the Tree Mount Kit for your Hitch-Wrap where it is not practical to use the receiver of your truck.
Includes a 15-foot load strap  to secure up to a 4-5 foot diameter tree. The integrated anchor ring can be to secure a rope jack or other lifting device (not included).
The LFM Tree Mount Kit comes with high quality steel plate integrated with receiver for Hitch-Wrap, ratcheting winch, and anchor ring; as well as a 15-foot, 20,000 lb. load strap.

This product listing is for the LFM Tree Mount Kit only (ropes and rope jack not included)!

 Order Tree Mount Kit with a LFM Bollard and save!