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M1 Blueshark Wheel Kits for Rayco Machines

Original price $299.00 - Original price $1,195.00
Original price
$299.00 - $1,195.00
Current price $299.00

M1 Blueshark Wheel and Teeth Complete kit ready to bolt on your machine

Includes entire bolt on replacement M1 Blueshark wheel with M1 Blueshark Black teeth, Rock Guard/Wear Blocks.

Rayco Machine Model

Diameter/ Teeth


RG13, RG13 ser.II

14/3 299.00
RG20HD, RG25HD, RG27HD, 1620 JR, 1625SJ
15/9, 19/9 995.00
RG35, RG40SJ, RG40SJ Trac, 1635, 1635SJ, 1635SJ Trac
20/15, 26/15 1195.00

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