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Pinteeth Stump Grinder Teeth


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1/2" Pinteeth™ are ideal for 50 HP diesel (65 HP gas) stump grinding machines or less. These teeth are a great value. They provide reliable strength at a low replacement cost.



1. Self Gauging Pin
    The innovative addition of the self gauging pin on the shank takes the measurement and guess work out of gauging the tooth, allowing for faster installation. Simply insert the tooth all the way to the pin and tighten.

    2. Ultimate Pocket™

      The Ultimate Pocket™ has an extra curved top designed to throw more force into each bite while protecting the tooth from excessive strain. The extra thick cross-section is heat treated which helps to eliminate slot damage if the tooth is severely impacted.

      3. Carbide

        We utilize the highest quality, American-Made carbide available in the industry which results in the highest quality cut, with minimum cracking and chipping. Thanks to extensive testing, we have been able to extend to you a more efficient product without sacrificing strength or increasing cost. The new offset carbide also allows for easier sharpening and increased tooth life. Hard carbide tip available for sandy or clay ground conditions.

        4. Torque

          Less torque is required to achieve secure clamping and makes tooth removal easier. 

          Torque pocket bolts to 120 - 150 ft/lbs.

          Pinteeth™: Benefits

          Style Options

          Leonardi Regular Teeth are available in both pin and classic designs.

          Why? To accommodate all styles and preferences, both products offer the best in technology, performance and price. 

          Pin Teeth Stump Grinder Teeth Style Image


          Easy Removal

          The pocket does not need to be removed to change the teeth, just loosen the bolt 3/8" and the pin will slide out between the pocket and the wheel.

          Why? This allows for quick replacement and less "down-time" when in the field on the job. This provides more efficient use of time
          and resources.

          Pin Teeth Stump Grinder Teeth Ease Image

          Cross-Over Configurations

          1/2" Regular and Pinteeth™ come in interchangeable Left, Straight, and Right teeth, allowing for cross-over configurations, which are recommended in all
          wheel set-ups. There are no special teeth or set-ups required with Leonardi teeth.

          Why? Cross-over configurations allow for plunge cutting, which is optimal for efficient stump removal in difficult or confined job environments (buildings, sidewalks, sheds, curbs, etc.). 

          Pin Teeth Stump Grinder Teeth Cross Over Image


          Pocket Configurations

          1/2" Regular and Pinteeth'M are reinforced with the preferred configuration of the Ultimate Pocket'M. (Regular Round Heat Treated pocket also available.)

          Why? When combined with Leonardi Pinteeth'", it is the strongest 1/2" tooth and pocket combination on the market.

          Pin Teeth Stump Grinder Teeth Ultimate Pocket Image



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