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Changing Teeth doesn’t get simpler:

No rights, lefts, straights or pockets and only one tool is required; making changing teeth faster and easier.

Each tooth is three-position indexable. Just loosen, turn then tighten for a sharp edge.

Eliminates the guess work of ordering multiple parts, as you only need one type of tooth.

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Leonardi's M1 Blueshark™ Teeth are compatible with all M1 Blueshark™ stump grinding wheels. There are three available types to dial in your cutting action based on the environment you are grinding in.

M1 Blueshark™ Black

Designed for general purpose stump grinding, the M1 Blueshark™ Black is a solid choice for normal soil conditions.
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M1 Blueshark™ Gold

The M1 Blueshark™ Gold Tooth is designed to run in the rockiest soil condtions. Tougher carbide is the key to its long life despite repeated rock impacts.

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M1 Blueshark™ Red

The M1 Blueshark™ Red gives you long life in the most abrasive soil condtions. Harder carbide makes quick work of stumps. M1 Blueshark™ Reds should not be used in rocky soil conditions are they are more prone to being damaged by rock impacts.
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