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LFM Bollard

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  • Control Heavy Loads – A single person easily controls heavy loads allowing the lowering of branches and logs at any height
  • Save your Ropes – Friction wrapped rope, no knots or loops required and no reduction of rope strength
  • Efficient Setup – Use your trucks receiver or bucket truck hitch to attach the Hitch-Wrap quickly and easily
  • Pintle Coupler – Enables Pintle hitch use with the Hitch-Wrap (Sold separately or in a bundle)

The Leonardi Friction Manager (LFM) Bollard is a Hitch-Wrap friction device that mounts on a standard truck receiver or Pintle hitch with the Pintle Coupler option. The Hitch-Wrap uses a standard 2-inch receiver on a truck or skid steer and is used for lowering branches or logs.  It enables a single person to control loads many times their weight easily; eliminating the need to use and possibly damage nearby trees.   

This set up allows you to shorten the rope without reducing rope strength with a knot.  You can easily pull or lower loads at any height or angle from your hitch thanks to its 2-way mount.  You can also use your pintle hook adapter and use the pintle on your bucket truck. 

This product listing is for the LFM Bollard only!

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