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Optimize your cutting experience with a new Stump Grinder Wheel by Leonardi. By offering the widest range of full-line offerings, we ensure that we have a stump grinder wheel solution that meets every need, and every budget.

Designed for stump grinders 45 Hp and greater, the M1 Silver Cutting System from Leonardi is an affordable, simple solution. The M1 Silver with Patent Pending M1 technology allows for greater maneuverability, faster clean-up and THE EASIEST TOOTH CHANGE IN THE BUSINESS! No more left, right and straights stump grinder teeth, and no more stump grinder pockets. One M1 stump grinder teeth is all that is required.

By listening and working with you we have developed the M1 Blueshark stump grinder cutting system for lower horsepower (up to 45 HP) machines to simplify your job and increase your profits. The patented M1 Blueshark™ Cutting System will save the most valuable resource of all, your time, which is the one thing you can’t buy more of. The M1 Blueshark™ Cutting System is just easier!

The Leonardi Phantom Wheel™ technology has a unique perimeter design with wheel cutouts, which allows you to “see-through” the device while grinding. When you can avoid curbs, fire hydrants and other objects, your job is made faster, simpler and safer. The Phantom stump grinder wheel is compatible with all Leonardi bolt on replacement stump grinder teeth.
Please note:  Some wheel orders can take 4-6 weeks for production. 
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