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Power Kings Stump Grinder Teeth

Leonardi offers alternative Power King stump grinder teeth. Our M1 Blueshark Wheel for the Power King Stump Grinder PK0803  replaces the OEM Power King stump grinder teeth and wheel.

The M1 Blueshark Wheel is a bolt on direct replacement for the Power King Stump Grinder PK0803 wheel that offers superior performance and convenience. This includes 3 M1 Blueshark Black teeth, wheel and installation instructions. Available with or without replacement bearings. The patented M1 Blueshark™ Cutting System is just easier!

1. Changing Teeth doesn’t get simpler: No rights, lefts, straights or pockets and only one tool is required; making changing teeth faster and easier. Each tooth is three-position indexable. Just loosen, turn, then tighten for a sharp edge. Eliminates the guess work of ordering multiple parts, as you only need one type of tooth.

2. Faster Clean-Up: The M1 Blueshark™ Cutting System includes built in chip deflection which will help to keep chips within the width of the machine. This makes for quicker clean up and less time on the job.

3. Rock Guard Technology: Patent pending New Rock Guard Technology protects the tooth from direct impact damage in Rocky areas.