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1. Simplified Tooth Change

    No rights, lefts, straights or pockets needed and only one tool is required for changing Blueshark Teeth. Use a 3/8" 12 Point Socket for indexing or changing teeth.

    2. Indexable Teeth

      Each tooth is three position indexable. Just loosen, turn and tighten for a sharp edge. Available for multiple soil conditions.

      3. Rock Guard Technology

        Protect your teeth from impact damage in rocky areas. Smaller, 3 teeth wheels have built-in rock guards. Larger Blueshark Wheels have replaceable Rock Guards that have built in wear line tells you when to change.

        4. See-Through Wheel Technology

          The large diameter M1 Blueshark wheel models include cut outs which allow for better visibility while grinding. 

           Please note:  Some wheel orders can take 4-6 weeks for production. 


          The patented M1 Blueshark™ Cutting System was developed for lower horsepower machines (up to 45 HP) to save the most valuable resource of all, your time; which is the one thing you can’t buy more of. The M1 Blueshark™ Cutting System is just easier!
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