Collection: Altec Chipper Blades

Leonardi sells Altec chipper blades for almost any Altec brush chipper and Altec tree chipper machine. Call our sales assistants at 1-800-537-2552 with your blade specifications and we will let you know if we carry your blade size. Leonardi also offers the corresponding anvils to fit most Altec brush chipper machines. These anvils come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is crucial that you know the exact specifications of your anvil before placing an order.

These Altec chipper blades are grade A8 chipper steel from a domestic source and manufactured in the USA.

Leonardi can also sharpen your Altec chipper blade ! We will professionally sharpen your Bandit chipper blades at the cost of $1.25 an inch and takes about a week to ten days.

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