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With significantly fewer teeth needed and the elimination of pockets, the total cost of using and maintaining your stump grinding equipment decreases. Extend the life of your teeth by changing their position on the wheel periodically. Doing so will even out the amount of wear and tear on the teeth.

1 Sharper, Faster Cutting

Building on our patented Tomahawk™ Tooth Technology, the M1 Cutting System* went one step further by creating a variable cutting angle between the outer row of teeth and the inner row. This achieves the perfect balance of durability and speed yet still uses a common tooth.

2 Revolutionary Shock Absorption

Our new wheel with Rock Shock Technology provides revolutionary shock absorption for your stump grinding equipment. It will significantly reduce the wear and tear on your machine by absorbing the impact from grinding. Further, it will absorb much of the impact felt when a rock or obstacle is struck.

3 Easy to Install

The new cutting system is adaptable for use with your existing stump grinder. In most cases, installing the new system is as simple as removing just three bolts.

4 Phantom Wheel™ Technology

Utilizing Phantom Wheel™ Technology, the M1 wheel has a unique perimeter design and cut-outs that allow the operator to "see-through" it when cutting.

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* Patent Pending

M1 teeth are available in three different styles (Standard Tooth, Sand & Clay Tooth or Rock Tooth) to fit your unique situation. Teeth can also be mixed to suit your preferences and will not affect the balance of the wheel. M1 teeth can be purchased individually or in a box of 24.

Quantity Retail Price Shop
Replacement Tooth $23.70 Buy Now!
Box of 24 ($21.70 each) $520.80 Buy Now!

M1 Gold Cutting System w/ Teeth
Diameter Retail Price
Buy Now!
21" $2362.00
23" $2648.00
26" $2648.00
28" $2934.00
31" $2934.00
34" $3220.00