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Leonardi is proud to offer LEVCO® brand stump grinding teeth. There are three varieties of LEVCO® teeth available:

LEVCO® Beveled Tooth

The LEVCO® Beveled teeth are the newest of the LEVCO® stump grinding teeth line. Beveled teeth can be used in rockier soils and offer a good cut at an affordable price.

LEVCO® Standard Tooth

The Standard tooth is single edged with a sharp cutting angle now with thicker carbide. It can be used with all horsepower machines and is the fastest cutting and sharpest of the LEVCO® stump grinding teeth.

LEVCO® Tiger Tooth

Tiger teeth should be used for higher horsepower machines and can be used in rockier soils. It is a great choice for those difficult jobs.



Teeth & Base:
Description Part # Price Ea. 90 pc. Box Shop
Standard Tooth 302B45 $9.30 $8.55 BUY NOW
Beveled Tooth 302B90 $10.45 $9.70 BUY NOW
Tiger Tooth 302B45T $11.45 $10.70 BUY NOW
Base 303B $8.05 Available on Request BUY NOW
Torx Bolts:
Description Part # 1-49pcs 50+ pcs Shop
Torx Bolt 1AHB $1.55 $1.25 BUY NOW
Description Part # Price Ea. Shop
Torx Wrench TK1 $4.80 BUY NOW
Torx Socket TK1B $17.40 BUY NOW